Destruction Is Our Policy - John BrodieOUR BETTER FUTURE Campaign.

Things that we must change:

  • End the destructive Culture of Politics.
  • End the single focus on money & the economy.
  • Make “balance” essential in decision-making.
  • Stop impacting the natural environment.
  • End the corrupt, “band-aide application” policy.
  • Redesign the legal system to a Justice System.
  • Vastly raise the standard of social education.
  • Then domestic violence & abuse will decline.
  • Raise up from the gutter – Child Rights.
  • This gives ALL children a better quality of life.

Stop complaining and seriously revive “the power of democracy.”

Change must happen now.

If we allow things to get worse –

a better future may be impossible.

The book describes the “how & why” of our mess and
how to create a better future for each generation.

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  • Abuse of Women & Children.
  • Emotional Abuse Injury – specialist.
  • Youth & Understanding the Meaning of Love.
  • How Politics Creates Our Problems.


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The Value of Ethics & Ability Driven Experience.

Our ageing population is loaded with Ethics, ability driven experience and a well practised understanding of consequence, yet one government after another cuts financial assistance to Retirees. It is contemptible!

It is ethics and the acquired understanding of consequence that is our “insurance policy” against making decisions in life that will lead to disaster.

  • Why do we ignore this great resource?
  • Why is our decision making process based on experimentation – not experience?
  • Why do we plunge into one crisis after another, when they are avoidable?
  • Why has politics torn down community standards?
  • Why are we as a community always at the bottom of the pecking order?

Politics leads “The Demise of Ethics.”

Academia is fraudulently marketed.

  • Ability ….. does not come from a book.
  • Experience … does not come from a book.
  • Intelligence … does not come from a book.
  • Discipline … does not come from a book.
  • Justice …does not come from a book.
  • Ethics … does not come from a book.
  • Wisdom … does not come from a book.

The Abuse of Women & Children.

The Emotional Abuse Injury is the most debilitating mental health problem in the community. It expands alarmingly changing personality and affecting performance in all directions. It breeds bitterness, resentment and depression and tears away at self-esteem, dignity and self-respect. Why is it ignored?

Why does the Psychology profession confuse EAI with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, when one has nothing to do with the other? This too penalises those suffering EAI.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, in 2016, launched an international campaign to address the ever-growing, Mental Health problem. Emotional Abuse Injury “head” the list.

Those suffering EAI endure diminished capacity, FOR LIFE – unless they undertake a coaching course.

John made a 30-year study of abuse of women – privately assisting many at the affluent end of the social scale. His book – “Beat the Beating” – was written after years of successful coaching of women suffering EAI.

John gives a very informative presentation on abuse and EAI and how to avoid both.

See the EAI website and how we can help

Child Abuse of Mothers.

The abuse of mothers by their children is now as bad as partner abuse of women.

Partner abuse creates much of this. Women beaten down escape the marriage only to be left to raise abusive children on their own.

Now we have socially uneducated, undisciplined children having babies. Adolescent teenagers are too easily distracted, too inexperienced to sense danger, unable to prioritise, not yet developed a mind’s eye.

Most deaths of children under 5 years are the product of teenage parents. The same applies to a range of terrible injuries. How do we determine child abuse?

We tore down community standards, glorified abuse, violence & sexual assault. Now we pay those least qualified as parents to have babies.

The Raising of Children.

We face a horrifying future – if we do not address NOW the escalating decline in social education standards.

We had imposed on us 30 years ago the abandonment of Community Standards. We are the only Species in history silly enough to do so.

There is a three-some that has always been the foundation to the quality of our social coexistence, as a community – discipline, respect & obedience.

This same “Big 3” also provides the foundation to the reliability of our performance, in all that we do – be it in sport, in the workplace, socially and in our private lives.

Bad social behaviour in the work place costs business many millions of dollars each year in poor performance and wasted production.

Academic and social education are ethically of the same importance to the quality of performance and to our social well-being.

We are one of the worst of all the Species when it comes to looking after our own.

John had 3 years on the Board of the Brisbane Youth Service. It is the best service of its kind, in Australia, dealing with the street-kid problem.

It was a life-changing experience, said John, to see such human degradation in Australia.

“I never thought it possible that we would care so little for our own children.”

Politics Destroys the Social Structure.

Bureaucratic focus is purely on “band-aide application” not solution. The single-minded aim of the legal system is on punishment not correction. Neither is designed to lessen our social problems.

BOTH – of these prime parts of community administration totally assist in destroying our social structure. Not one Politician has ever spoken about changing it. Community well-being is at the bottom of political consideration.


The manuscript of my incredible experiences over the past 70 years is finished.

“The Good, the Bad & the Poo” is looking for a Publisher.

“Beat the Beating” – a background to the causes and effects of Emotional Abuse Injury.